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1 04 2012

B.R.F.C falls 14-19 against UMaine Orono

1 04 2012

On a beautiful sunny day in Brunswick, the undergrads faced off against D.II Orono.

Orono immediately walked down the field and put five points up on the board due to Bowdoin’s sloppy play and penalties around the rucks. Bowdoin struck right back, moving the ball back up the field and stringing together a number of phases inside of Orono’s 22 meter line. Freshman inside center, Connor Quinn–fresh off the ice from Bowdoin’s varsity hockey team–found a hole in Orono’s defensive line and punched the ball in. Bowdoin held a 7-5 lead for about 60 minutes. Quinn found another gap later on and the lead increased to 14-5 after Bruce converted his kicks.

Orono used their size to their advantage. Their pack must have had about twenty pounds on each of ours and the Bowdoin fatties had a lot of trouble contesting in the scrums. I think we only won 1 or 2 on the day.

In the last twenty minutes of the game, Bowdoin lost some stamina and didnt recover well from a few penalties. Orono squeezed through the Bowdoin defense and scored two tries. However, Orono did not completely extinguish the blacks flame. In the final minutes, Bowdoin worked the ball down the field and after a very controversial call from the referee, the game was ended rather than giving the blacks a 5 meter scrum.

Overall, despite the loss, we were happy with the way we played in our first game of the season. We had a very young side (3 juniors, 4 freshman, and 8 sophomores) and had only had a week of practice. Its a great platform to build from.


Bowdoin ends season with loss at Tufts

14 11 2011

The resurgent BRFC, fortified by an undefeated season and envigorated by a bus ride viewing of “Predator” stormed the Tufts University field late Friday night to take on the Boston conference champions.  The Tufts team was known for their high charged offense, which propelled them to 230 points for and a staunch defense held opponents to a mere 34 against over their season.

The Black learned quickly that the Jumbos would take advantage of even the slightest mistake, putting two tries on the board early in the contest. After that, Bowdoin’s defense tightened up and the contest remained a close one. The BRFC and Tufts both alternated forward crashes with backline play, with possession alternating back and forth between the sides.

Some bystanders expressed displeasure with the officiating.

The second half did not bring about BRFC victory as the sides continued their fierce struggle. Tufts managed to increase their lead. The BRFC seniors, including Captains Bobby Shaw and Ian Brandon, as well as Carlos Morla, Taylor Vozniak, Chase Taylor, Connor Gallagher, Angel Cobos and David Tenorio gracefully marshaled the team in the dying minutes of what proved to be their last game.

Throngs of supportive parents and alumni braved the New England cold, some traveling thousands of miles to be there. Congrats to the undergrads on being the best in Maine, and all the alumni look forward to success in the spring and next fall.


Playoffs. at Tufts. 11.4.11. 8pm

2 11 2011

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

‘Nuff Said

Back-to-Back shutouts mark the end of Bowdoin’s undefeated season

30 10 2011

Bowdoin’s relentless defense led to back-to-back shutouts for the A-side the past two weekends. Bowdoin just slipped past Colby 3-0, but put twenty points up against UMaine Farmington yesterday. We conclude the regular season 6-0, undefeated!

There were a few common threads in both of the games: (1) For 15 minutes, we kept our opponents from crossing the try line, playing terrific and tenacious goal line defense. (2) Matthew “Merlin” Marr ’13 visited the sin bin twice in two weeks. (3) And finally, president Taylor “Joyride” Vozniak ’12 has still not gotten laid.

It was hard to get any offense going on Colby’s short and narrow field. It was a wet and muddy day—neither team was destined to score. Kicking for points off posed great difficulty for fly-half David “Hankerchief” Bruce who left 9 points out on the field, going 1 for 4 on penalty attempts. The offense, we lacked last week, however, came together very well yesterday.

We attacked Farmington out-wide through the back line and our kicking game provided the side with great territory. The forwards were aggressive at the breakdowns per usual and controlled the ball around the rucks. Our scrummaging completely dominated Farmington and Colby.

The seniors who enjoyed their last home game yesterday all had match performances that will be remembered for a long time. Connor “Jehovah” Gallagher ’12 played the best game he has ever played in a Bowdoin jersey. Ian “Siggy” Brandon ’12 felt how great it feels to be a back and be able to control the ball in hand when he faked out a Farmington player with a dummy pass then assisted Jay “Dino” Query ’14 on a try. Bobby “Radio” Shaw ’12 was rock solid at fullback, Tommy “Twinkle Toes” Cabrera’s ‘12 cleats sparked as he twirled up the pitch, and Chase “Grizzly” Taylor ’12 and Freedom “Oedipussy” Holland ’12 played excellent rugby as the subbed into the game for the last twenty minutes.

Tpain ’12 cried.

The rest of Bowdoin’s points came from tries by Phil “Mr. Cuddles” Cuddeback ’13 Angel Cobos ’13.5, and Bruce’s right foot.

The B-side has dominated its past two opponents. Rookies #4, #11, and #10 are really showing their potential to be extraordinary rugby players.  Asian Sensation, John “Shortround” Song ’13 played in a Farmington Jersey as scrum-half but single handedly kept them in the game. Chase Taylor, Uchenna, and a few rookies added tries. The second side has looked outstanding, scoring about 50 points in the past two games.

Black vs. White: Factual Results

25 10 2011

A grey raincloud hung directly over Kelsey Aaron Cole but the sun was shinning brightly upon the wrinkled faces of the rest of BATS, who were heroically walking onto the field that they knew they would be slaughtered upon.

“The undergrads may have scored first, but at the end of the day the alumni had the higher score [Once all the undergrads starters had been replaced by first-year ruggers], and welcomed a first ever try by alum Chewbacca.”

Kelsey, the second funniest blogger on wordpress, has returned home to Florida and the grasses of the Bowdoin Rugby Pitch are once again only frequented by slender, athletic, and talented bowdoin rugby players.

Colby match report to be posted soon.

Black vs White Game gives undergrads best compeition of the year. Alumni emerge victorious.

25 10 2011

The relentless Northeast rains took a short break to allow the sun to grace Bowdoin’s returning heroes.  One by one, the valiant BATS trickle towards the field, many fortified by strong drink the night before.  Old friends embraced, new acquaintances acquainted.

Slowly, the old blacks stretched their tired muscles and remembered how to pass the ball. Spencer Ho ’09 complained about something. The undergrads put on their slick new tribal jerseys, proudly displaying their tribal identity. Kelsey talked a lot of shit but then huffed and puffed after a half lap around the pitch. Chewbacca. Many expressed mild envy of Coach Lionheart and crew’s travels to the World Cup in New Zealand.

Noted community member Greg Hogan as well as Coach Mark Gartside filled out the experienced alumni side as the teams took the field. Dave Bruce ’13 sighed with relief that Zeus didn’t make an appearance, and so he could rest at ease as the best looking Bowdoin player on the field. After Matt Marr ’13. And Robert Shaw ’12. And Ian Brandon ’12. An Matt Eshelman ’09.

The alumni gave the A-side the best competition they’ve seen all year. The BATS played a fierce support based game, pounding again and again on their defense. Spencer “Sensei” Ho played like a madman, trying to injure the BRFC undergrads as he vented his frustration at who knows what on the pitch, reminding all that he plays on a super sweet team at a really hi level. His 2009 classmates huff and puffed in his wake.

Ad Hoc Coach Ryan Jewett ’11 paced the sidelines, yelling his team on as he was crippled by a freak powertool accident that rendered his hand casted. Ben Messerly ’11, fresh from taking the GRE’s in Portland, had his strawberry blonde hair in full flow mode as he darted around the field.

The undergrads may have scored first, but at the end of the day the alumni had the higher score, and welcomed a first ever try by alum Chewbacca.

The third half brought the generations closer as songs and drinks were had by all. Till next year.

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